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After working with Motorsport Simulations since May, 2005, today is my last day and from now on I will no longer be involved in any official capacity with the company. All Private Messages or messages to me on Facebook about iRacing will be directed back to which is now answered by someone else. My wife and I are taking a small break next week and then the week after – starting from the end of the month – I will be working with Image Space Incorporated.

Some of the background on my new company:

ISI began with production of military simulators. They have worked on many different types of software but focused most of their development time over the years on racing games/simulators. Examples of older titles produced by the company include Sportscar GT and many F1 titles including F1 Challenge ’99-’02 – all produced for Electronic Arts.

Sportscar GT Box Cover

Sportscar GT

F1 Challenge 99-02

F1 Challenge 99-02

Their software is currently used by other simulation developers and many real-world racing teams, these customers license a version of the software from ISI and modify it for their own needs. Examples of those using this software are RedBull F1 and SIMBIN Development Team.

RedBull F1 – using their modifications to the customer version. rFactor Pro site.

Current public release software from ISI is of course rFactor. It is a standalone racing game/simulator anybody can buy and modify (to a lesser extent than the licensed version mentioned above). This has led to rFactor modifications (mods) which simulate just about every car and track which exists (and a few which don’t exist).
The 2007 Sauber BMW F1 car which ships with rFactor.

The 2007 Sauber BMW F1 car which ships with rFactor 1.

rFactor 2 Logo rFactor was released in 2005 and has been updated a few times over the years. rFactor 2 is the next major update from ISI and from what I saw during my interview with the company in Ann Arbor, Michigan, it is something I am very excited to be involved in.

A 1960's era open-wheel car on a very familiar looking race track.

A 1960's era open-wheel car on a very familiar looking race track - rFactor 2.

Rain and Day-Night (see above) transitional racing will be a part of rFactor 2.

Rain-Dry and Night-Day (see above) transitional racing for rFactor 2.

Dirt, Oval, Karting, Historic, Point to Point (rally, hillclimb) and Road racing all a part of rFactor 2.

Dirt (above), Oval, Karts, Point to Point (eg: rally) and Road racing for rFactor 2.

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