Eagle Mk I 'cartoon' drawing commissioned from a friend. Check out the artist.
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Featured Post: 06/08/2009
X³: Terran Conflict Playing Tips
Featured Post: 02/13/2010
Moving House With Fish
Elgato HD60 Pro Unbox & Install Walkthrough

I’ve been using an Avermedia Live Gamer HD (C985) internal capture card to capture from the same PC for years now, and was perfectly happy with it until I purchased, tried, and tested the Elgato HD60 Pro. Why did I … Continue reading

Elite Journal: The Long Ride Home (April Exploration Day 15)

After a short stay in the ALS 299 System, I left Thor’s Helmet behind me and set off back home… This was a VERY long journey, but I managed to complete the journey within day 15! Quite an epic bit … Continue reading

Elite Journal: Thor’s Helmet (April Exploration Day 15)

A very short distance from Seagull Nebula is Thor’s Helmet, which is a very small nebula you can also find on the galaxy map under ALS 299. I reached this location during the final day of my trip, having already … Continue reading

Elite Journal: Seagull Nebula (April Exploration Days 14-15)

It took me more than an Earth day to reach Seagull Nebula after leaving the Rosette Nebula behind. Rushing to get back to LTT 4961 (I had heard reports of a possible need for mercenaries to protect NULL), I decided … Continue reading

Elite Journal: Rosette Nebula (April Exploration Day 13)

I made it half way from the Monkey Head Nebula to the Rosette Nebula before I shut all non-essentials down for the night. It was peaceful out here, but only if you don’t count the creaking and cracking as my … Continue reading

Elite Journal: Monkey Head Nebula (April Exploration Days 11 – 12)

Leaving the blackness of the Outer Arm Vacuus behind me, I set off back towards the Monkey Head Nebula, travelling over the Crab Nebula by quite some distance. It was a simple journey, broke up by the discovery of yet … Continue reading

Elite Journal: Outer Arm Vacuus (April Exploration Days 7 – 10)

If the gaps between stars were not bad enough around the Crab Nebula, they were downright evil further out towards the rim. I felt like I had learned a lesson about the SRV though, and began the arduous process of … Continue reading

Dreadnought Closed Beta First Look

If you’re anything like me, you played the crap out of Homeworld. You did, right? While Dreadnought certainly isn’t a Homeworld clone, it does contain space ships, and they are far more cool than planes, tanks or warships seen in … Continue reading

Elite Journal: Crab Nebula (April Exploration Days 4 – 6)

Day four began with a lot of travelling, continuing my journey from Jellyfish Nebula to Crab Nebula. One of my favorite spots along the way was the CYOIDAI BC-B D14-3 ABCD system, which had four nearby stars that created beautiful … Continue reading

Elite Journal: Jellyfish Nebula (April Exploration Day 3)

Starting from near the edge of the rift 4000LY out from Sol, I began to make my way over to the Jellyfish Nebula. Jellyfish Nebula contains a Neutron Star, so I made sure to set that as my target. Unfortunately … Continue reading