Fin Driver Interval Class Cl Pos Cl Pts
1 Shinji Tajima (A.I.) 49:27 GT1 1 10
8 Bret LeBrac (A.I.) +1 Lap GT3 1 10
11 Brewer / Auerbach (A.I.) +1 Lap GT2 1 10
14 Magnussen / O'Connell (A.I.) +1 Lap GT2 2 6
15 Alex Finkle (A.I.) +1 Lap GT2 3 4
16 Timothy Wheatley +1 Lap GT2 4 3
17 Earl Oveur (A.I.) +1 Lap GT2 5 2
18 Walter Wayne (A.I.) +1 Lap GT2 6 1

After my class win at Bathurst, I moved onto Silverstone Circuit for round two of my offline championship. This race, I decided against pitting and would try to make the whole 48-minute race on a single set of tires. The … Continue reading

Fin Driver Interval Class Cl Pos
1 Gary Randall (A.I.) N/A GT1 1
8 Timothy Wheatley +1 Lap GT2 1
9 Brewer / Auerbach (A.I.) +1 Lap GT2 2
10 Gjoey Pete (A.I.) +1 Lap GT2 3
11 Helio Grindelwald (A.I.) +1 Lap GT3 1

It’s been a long time since I posted something sim racing related on my little blog-Web-type-site-thing, but I figured it might be time to do it. I work for a developer, our product is rFactor 2, that’s the racing game/sim … Continue reading

While continuing to rank up with the Empire, I’ve been flying a Lakon Type 9 quite a bit. An exciting moment today where I found myself being pirated and chased right into the station… The station announcer said it is … Continue reading

My history in consoles is quite interesting: I’m a PC user. I grew up with a Commodore Vic-20, 64 and Amiga 600. I owned a Sega Saturn and only played Sega Rally – literally. That’s what it was bought for, … Continue reading

The trip to Sagittarius A* was an amazing achievement, one that led me to spend quite a lot less time in space for a bit. I guess I just couldn’t look at another star! After a small break, I did … Continue reading

I’m aware of the fact that a lot of animated movies seem to portray young women who need a ‘Prince’ to come along and rescue them, but, what else are they showing us? I noticed recently that the father in … Continue reading

After my trip to Barnard’s Loop, I decided to head straight back out on another exploration run to the very center of the Milky Way and the Supermassive Black Hole at Sagittarius A*. My priority was to get there and … Continue reading

Despite my need to covertly access the Achenar system, I decided to answer the call in Tsu for Explorers. Briefing: Beyond the borders of occupied human space, the vast mysteries of the universe are waiting to be discovered. The last … Continue reading

While I have been in space a long time, my brother is fairly new, having just graduated from University on Lave. He’s joined me before, briefly, for some bounty hunting. The second time he joined me, we really paired up … Continue reading

My home has been held hostage for a number of days now. The Alliance has lost control of some of the old world colonies. CODE, a group who call themselves “pirates”, have effectively blockaded the system and seized control of … Continue reading